[Task #3] Media Response

VIDEO: Ann Cooper talks school lunches!

This is a very inspiration video about Ann Cooper and her passion to serve healthy foods in school cafeterias. Ann states that as parents and educators we need to teach students the tools in how to choose healthy foods. Children don’t have the choice of what they want to eat so as adults we have the responsibility to feed them healthy foods. Ann’s motto is, “healthy planet, healthy food, healthy kid!
              I feel Ann makes a great point and has the facts to go with her very powerful statements. Ann states that the government is not funding school enough money for healthy nutritional lunches with less than $1/day. To be able to serve regional, organic foods for lunch, schools are looking for double the amount of money given, totaling an extra 8 billion dollars a year. At first glance this appears to be a huge amount, but she then goes on to state other tidbits such as advertising for fast food spends 110 billion dollars, and 100 billion dollars is spent on dieting advertisements every year. Doesn’t 8 billion dollars sound very reasonable when it is for the health and well being of our children?
            Another point in which I’ve over looked myself is that nowadays we have more prisoners then we do farmers (2.1 million Prisoners vs. 1.9 million farmers). However, we spend $35,000 to feed prisoners and yet the government only spends $5,000 on feeding children in schools every year. Mind boggling isn’t it? It appears we feed our prisoners better than our own deserving students.
            We are what we eat! How can students learn when all they are consuming is chemicals, bi-products and preservatives? We need to educate our children about the importance of eating healthy and exercising or as they have predicted, children born in the 21st century will be the first generation that will not outlive their parents. Scary thought isn’t it? We are the ones who can make the change, we are the difference.


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  1. Kelsey
    Feb 01, 2011 @ 16:46:47

    I agree with you Brittney. At first that sounds like a fairly decent amount of money but when you compare it to all of the other funding made by the government it seems dismal. It’s sad that much of the funding for programs developed to feed students comes from the school or even from the teachers. Cafeterias in particular should focus more on providing healthy nutritious meals for students instead of promoting the sugar filled drinks and snacks that our culture thrives on.


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