Learning Process

Today, after completing the Final Project Video I am able to put all of my energy into my Personal Summary of Learning! As i go through the lists of stuff we have learned my brain feels like it is going to explode! We have learned a ton of educational tools that have not only improved my presentations during my last semester in other classes but gave me so many ways to bring technology into my own classroom one day.

There are a number of things on the top of my head that i will want to use in the future such as:
Digital Storytelling
Sound Cloud
Google documents/ spreadsheets
Wordpress (blogging)
YouTube and pwnyoutube.com
imovie (imac)
isquint (imac)
Skype and oovoo (allows 6 face to face chatting)
engrade/ learnboost (Gradebooks)

aaand this is JUST the beginning; hence why my brain is about to explode. I do know one thing though, i want to film my Summary of Learning using screenr.com.

Now the question is… how do i fit all of this into a 5 minute presentation?


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  1. Mike Mcilveen
    Mar 30, 2011 @ 05:07:04

    Hi, Brittany.
    Thanks for your link to Screenr! I may use it to clone myself and avoid the necessity to visit school after school to demo using calculators in math class, and thus make face-to-face visits more meaningful.
    Re. how do i fit all of this into a 5 minute presentation?
    – how about just focus on share, create-remix, store, communicate? (What you do with the tools.) That takes you up a level, birds-eye view.
    Happy Teaching!


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