“A Teacher is like a Swiss-Army Knife”

Today we had a guest speaker.. George Couros (Alec’s brother) who is the principal of a elementary school in Stony Plains, Alberta. George’s presentation was based on his entry “How to be a Master Teacher” from his own professional development blog. I found today to be informative in which i would like to relay some of things discussed today that really stuck with me.

Firstly, George said “A teacher is like a swiss-army knife” in which we learn to fill many roles as a teacher… we learn to adjust to numerous situations and even though we may not have the experience we try to adapt and meet the students needs the best that we know how to.

Building Relationships: This is something that i have known, but the importance of it never stops amazing me. Students needs to feel a sense of belonging in which they are able to connect with their students beyond the classroom. Once a teacher connects with the kids, the experience just naturally builds. Connecting with students in a positive way allows teachers to build on students strengths.

Consequences: Should all students have the same consequences for the same actions??? This question was discussed in which made me second guess my initial answer. All children should be treated equally, so it seemed common sense the answer was YES.. all students should have the same consequences for the same actions. However, after a minor class debate I soon realized I was challenging my own believe.. in which Elliot stated just right – that being fair in the classroom does not necessarily mean being equal… being fair is being equitable for each student has there own needs. Treating all students the same would be silly for each student is unique!

I enjoyed George’s speech today in which it has made me rethink and want to revise my teaching philosophy, for like he stated, society is forever changing and so should our teaching.



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