“Google is the new buisness card”

Google is the future buisness card

Just a little food for thought… You realize that before people are hiring individuals if that be a police officier or a teacher they are known to do a google search on the individual.. which is why i say “Google is the new buisness card.” When people GOOGLE you… what shows up? What is portrayed? Is that an image you want to be judged upon? Is it something you want to be affliated with?

I GOOGLED myself out of curiousity –Brittney Blakley and had to say i was quite pleased with what came up. Try it for yourself… type your name into the google search bar and see if what shows up seems to be an accurate depiction of yourself.

What is your opinion on people making assumptions on what they come across about an individual online? Is it fair?


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  1. kelseydawne
    Apr 05, 2011 @ 18:22:28

    I have googled myself and was quite happy with the results. I did find it funny that several of the things that come up are my honour role information from high school. I think that googleing employees is a acceptable. Although it may not be the best way for you as an individual to explain your strengths, it is part of your identity. As educators, we need to teach our students how to act appropriately on the internet and how to create a positive digital identity.


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