[Task #10] Social Networking/ Identity


Today, social networking has become a large part of one’s life, which eventually creates and constructs ones identity. Many individuals connect with social networks such as FACEBOOK, TWITTER, MYSPACE and even online dating sites. These social networking sites if not used properly are responsible for altering and/or damaging ones personal identity. It is very important for one to monitor their identity online and understand that anything that is posted on the internet can be accessed by anyone as well as interpreted and altered by anyone. When one posts something such as a photo they must ask themselves,

What does this portray about me? Is this an image I want to be associated with? Will there be any audience online that may be offended by such an image, who is my audience?

Many young adolescents have created an identity online for themselves intentionally as well as unintentionally. According to Meredith Farkas, online identity is built upon all of the things users have put online and the things people have posted about them. The World Wide Web has the ability to contort many adolescences minds of what is truly reality. Greg, in the following article recommends that academic librarians utilize social networking sites themselves in order to provide current, relevant information to the relevant parties. I feel that this can play into teachers utilizing social networking sites as well, to create relevance and act as role models for their students. The World Wide Web can be a very informative place yet a destructive place when we are uneducated about its power.
            When using social networking sites be cautious of what information you are giving out… your full name, birthday or family maiden name can be detrimental to your own identity or even your real life safety. Too much information is not a good thing for it leaves you vulnerable and accessible by anyone, which can be an open door to online predators.

Educate your students, educate yourself… you wouldn’t want to post the wrong thing and have your identity transformed like these people:

UCLA Girl (A university student posts a rant about asain’s at school which end up giving her a negative outlook in which she is labeled a racist, giving UCLA a bad rep.)

Star Wars Kid (A young boy’s footage was discovered, edited and altered which has affected his emotional well-being – footage that was never suppose to be found.)

Be aware of what you post… social networking has good intentions but can have negative effects on ones identity.


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  1. courosa
    Apr 03, 2011 @ 22:03:29

    Good post here, although I do question the piece on online predators. There is really little evidence to support that such a general threat does exist.


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