Personal Summary of Learning

        When I think back to my computer skills before ECMP 355 I am positive I was sitting at about a 3. After this class, as I reflect about the semester I have seen a huge growth in my computer knowledge in which I would say I am sitting at about a 7 now! This class has really given me the confidence and motivation to just try new and different things. I never felt I had the time to learn, but after taking this class I realize that the time invested in learning ways to incorporate technology in the classroom can actually be fun and well worth it in the long run! I am very excited to share my computer knowledge with other people such as family, friends and future colleagues. The tools and resources we have learnt during this semester have not only benefited me personally but professionally as well. Thanks Alec!
         My Personal Summary of Learning was created using Screenr is a free and easy screen-casting device online which I enjoyed learning about and using. The hardest part of using Screenr was the fact I couldn’t go back and edit. It was one take… good or bad. After many, many…many takes I am happy with my final summary of learning which gives a brief overview of the things I have learned from this semester in ECMP 355!


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