My Teaching Philosophy

To teach is to have the desire to continuously learn. Every child, every student, is unique in which there is a difference between equality and equity. I believe that all students should be treated with equity for each child has varying strengths and weaknesses, no two students are alike. My teaching philosophy is based around the Circle of Courage. I believe each child needs to have a sense of belonging, mastery, independence and generosity within the classroom.
Belonging: Every child needs to feel that they are loved. Teachers need to make connections that make a difference in each student’s life for children cannot succeed if they feel out of place. Belonging is the need of developing attachments, creating strong relationships.
Mastery: Students need to feel pride in which they are good at something. Teachers need to be motivating in helping students succeed to gain confidence… developing achievement. Students need to focus and build upon their strengths instead of being brought down by their weaknesses.
Independence: Students need to be able to understand and make effective decisions. Students need to be able to make positive choices in which teachers need to teach children responsibility and self-discipline to do just that.
Generosity: Students need to feel that their life has purpose. Students need to become and maintain good citizenship by being productive, positive and empathetic individuals. Teachers need to role model caring characteristics.
I strongly believe that communication is the key to success. I feel building and maintain positive relationships with the students AND their families build a support team for the child to succeed. Agendas and monthly newsletters are a great way to communicate back in forth which can easily be maintained throughout the year.
Collaboration is also very important for I feel that everyone’s ideas should be shared and considered; As Pamela Kendel-Goodale stated “Don’t recreate the wheel.” I feel that when staff/ parents/ community talk and share amongst each other that more ideas and supports can be created which is done in a way that has the Childs best interest at heart.
The classroom environment and routines are also very important for it sets the mood and structure of the classroom. I believe in and set an open door policy with my students for I want school and my classroom to be a safe and accepting place for all. I am open to new ideas, thoughts and opinions letting all students contribute. Overall as a teacher I feel that most important factor of being a GREAT teacher is building upon and maintain positive relationships.


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